Facebook Payments Reporting API is Here!

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Facebook has come out with yet another API and we’re (yet again) the better for it.

The newest API is called the Payments Reporting API and it’s available immediately.

What it does is let you access daily transactional data which is a great improvement over the old way of receiving the data via e-mail not the best way of getting important information.

This is why Facebook says this way is better for these reasons:

  • Reliability. The payments reporting API is more reliable and has built-in checks to make sure you receive all the data.
  • Security. The payments reporting API can be downloaded securely via https using an OAuth-secured HTTP interface.
  • Flexibility. Our new report is formatted as a structured csv file, instead of the former flat tsv file. With this format, your integration of the data will continue to work regardless of what fields we may add in the future. Additionally, the API simplifies your work flow. Multiple people in your company can download the report, instead of only one person receiving the data via email.

Understand, you should start using it as soon as possible because Facebook will shut off the e-mailing of the data in early November so the sooner you start switching over to using the API.

You can access, or direct your programmer to, the API documentation by going to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/credits/developer_reports_api/

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Winning Software App Design Principles

Posted by David on in Software

HandOnMouse 300x210 Winning Software App Design PrinciplesThings are changing in the design of software applications and it’s led by the recent surge in mobile applications.

What’s surprising to a lot of people is that Microsoft is helping lead this design change but if you’ve been doing software development for as long as I have you know that nobody supports development and developers like Microsoft does.

Here’s a quick look at the new design principles…

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My Favorite (Free) New Fonts

Posted by David on in Other Stuff
336px Adobe Caslon a.svg  300x300 My Favorite (Free) New Fonts

My Favorite New Free Fonts

As part of what I do — particularly product creation, Web site design, usability work, content creation and copywriting — I am always on the look for new designs, good ideas and new fonts.

Since I am during “Copy Cosmetics” week on my blogs (see the first post “Copy Cosmetics, the Secret to Improved Conversions“) I thought it would be a great time to let you know my favorites of the new free fonts I’ve found this year (so far!)

They are a combination of newly created fonts and some that have been around for a few years that I don’t remember ever seeing before.

Plus there is one font that I “rediscovered” and forgot how much I like.

So, without further talk, here’s and alphabetic list of my “so far” list and, yes, these are all free for personal and commercial use…

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Is This the Biggest Internet Change Ever or Another Waste of Time?

Posted by David on in Internet

IcannLogo Is This the Biggest Internet Change Ever or Another Waste of Time?At noon London time on June 13, 2012, ICANN, the organization that oversees, among other things, the whole domain name system, will reveal the list of who is going after the new domain extensions and what those extensions are.

This may sound boring and unimportant but it’s part of a big, 6-year plan that should radically reshape the Internet. The who is not as important to the average person and the what.

You see, these are not just like the same old 27 domain extensions like we’ve had in the past, for example, the .com, .net, .info, .mobi, etc.

These domain extensions will be able to be anything and evertyhing.

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Facebook’s FBML pages are gone… and it’s about time

Posted by David on in Social Media
FBMLTabIcon Facebooks FBML pages are gone... and its about time

Facebook FBML Icon

Facebook has announced that they’ve gotten rid of their old FBML pages so if you have any of those pages on Facebook then you’re in for a big surprise next time you go look at your page.

Of course, like with the Facebook Timelines and so many other things, the scammers and less than ethical people have already started to scare people so they can sell them new products that usually don’t really help.

While I understand and support selling products that actually help people, I really hate this rush to grab cash from the scare tactics.

So here’s the truth…

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Don’t Bother Me on Sunday

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ks88034 167x292 Dont Bother Me on Sunday

Stop Bothering Me!

I got this e-mail from Paul yesterday and while it’s a reasonable request on the surface of it I thought my response would be valuable for you to read if you struggle with the same problem or help you get some understanding if you have the same complaint.

Here is the e-mail:

Today is Sunday, my day, a day that I hate getting business emails. You have the whole week to send me your stuff but come Sunday I don’t want to see your name, the next best deal, or that I am going to die if I don’t buy something by such and such a time. I consider it rude and inconsiderate that you would bother me on this day, when we are pounded unmercifully during the week. Please do not tell me what I can or cannot do as I know my options, I just do not want to be bothered on Sundays.

As I said, it sounds reasonable on the surface, I certainly don’t mean to be “rude and inconsiderate” and I appreciate Paul taking the time to express his opinion in a calm and civil manner; something that is definitely lacking in today’s world where everyone seems to feel they have to be harsh and mean.

Unfortunately, when you think about it you realize the sheer impossibility of actually complying with the request.

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Writing Subject Lines That Double Your Clickthroughs

Posted by David on in E-mail Marketing

This blog post has been moved to
Street Guide to Copywriting.

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Value Propositions are the Key to Success

Posted by David on in Online Success
KS88265 333x523 191x300 Value Propositions are the Key to Success

Building Your Value Proposition

Marketing is really nothing more than communicating the value of you, your products and services, and your company to your prospects in the most effective (and efficient) way you can so that they will take the action you want them to take.

Usually there is a series, maybe a long series, of actions you need your prospect to take to get to how you are defining “success”.

Each of those actions requires your prospects to (consciously or subconsciously) decide whether or not to take the action and each decision (and hence each action) requires you to provide them with a reason to continue, this reason is a value proposition (“do this and you’ll get that.”)

There are 4 levels and questions you need to answer to define your value propositions and each are more specific to a particular situation than the last; these are levels of the value proposition, let’s look at each in turn…

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Free Google URL Builder Tracks Your Custom Campaigns

Posted by David on in Tips & Techniques

As you probably know, Google Analytics automatically tracks all of the referrals and search queries that send traffic to your website.

But did you know…

That you can customize any link to your site that you control/define and get the exact same information from those links.

By that I mean everything from banner ads to text links to forum posts to even Twitter Tweets!

Well, you can do that and more, read on…

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Speedy Profit Creator Review

Posted by David on in Online Success
SPC Book250px Speedy Profit Creator Review

Speedy Profit Creator

Speedy Profit Creator 2.0, a product of Omar Martin is a combination of training on how to build a profitable online business as well as training and software on how to create digital products, particularly digital books.

What follows is an extensive review of the entire Speedy Profit Creator system based upon me reading every word, watching every video, and using the product creation software.

At the end, I will also summarize the recommendations I’ve made so if that’s all you want you can jump to there but if you want to know why I like something or why I don’t then you’ll need to read the detail.

You’ll also see a link to get my bonuses if you decide Speedy Profit Creator is for you.

Before I start though I want to be fully transparent and upfront.

I’ve known Omar for a while now, about 2 years, and have become very friendly with him; I’ve also learned a lot from him during that time and he might have even learned a thing or two from me icon smile Speedy Profit Creator Review

In addition, also created a very (VERY) small part of the Speedy Profit Creator system, barely enough to mention, but I felt I should mention it to be open and honest.

Speedy Profit Creator’s purpose is, as you might have realized from its name, to get an online business going and making profits quickly.

While it focuses on quick profits, it isn’t a “get rich quick” type of product, it’s for people looking to build a real, long term business but to have that business get profits quickly.

Speedy Profit Creator is organized in sections inside the member’s area and I will be reviewing each section one by one, giving recommendations as I go along.

MenuBar Speedy Profit Creator Review

Speedy Profit Creator Menu Bar

Okay, let me tell what Speedy Profit Creator is and what it is not. What I like and what I do…

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