My Favorite (Free) New Fonts

Free Fonts
My Favorite New Free Fonts

As part of what I do — particularly product creation, Web site design, usability work, content creation and copywriting — I am always on the look for new designs, good ideas and new fonts.

Since I am during “Copy Cosmetics” week on my blogs (see the first post “Copy Cosmetics, the Secret to Improved Conversions“) I thought it would be a great time to let you know my favorites of the new free fonts I’ve found this year (so far!)

They are a combination of newly created fonts and some that have been around for a few years that I don’t remember ever seeing before.

Plus there is one font that I “rediscovered” and forgot how much I like.

So, without further talk, here’s and alphabetic list of my “so far” list and, yes, these are all free for personal and commercial use…

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Don’t Bother Me on Sunday

Stop Bothering Me!
Stop Bothering Me!

I got this e-mail from Paul yesterday and while it’s a reasonable request on the surface of it I thought my response would be valuable for you to read if you struggle with the same problem or help you get some understanding if you have the same complaint.

Here is the e-mail:

Today is Sunday, my day, a day that I hate getting business emails. You have the whole week to send me your stuff but come Sunday I don’t want to see your name, the next best deal, or that I am going to die if I don’t buy something by such and such a time. I consider it rude and inconsiderate that you would bother me on this day, when we are pounded unmercifully during the week. Please do not tell me what I can or cannot do as I know my options, I just do not want to be bothered on Sundays.

As I said, it sounds reasonable on the surface, I certainly don’t mean to be “rude and inconsiderate” and I appreciate Paul taking the time to express his opinion in a calm and civil manner; something that is definitely lacking in today’s world where everyone seems to feel they have to be harsh and mean.

Unfortunately, when you think about it you realize the sheer impossibility of actually complying with the request.

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The Road to Success is Not Cluttered

Stressed Businessman - Get Organized
Is This What Your Business Is Like?

Ryan Lee created a blog post titled “Your Online Business “Spring Cleaning” Checklist” where he gave 7 different things you should clean up in your business.

I liked it so much that I thought I’d share it with you along with some of my own comments.

Ryan says he is “slightly obsessed with finding out how to make everything in life more simple.”

I agree with Ryan completely, I’ve also been obsessed with simplifying and optimizing my entire life and understand the importance and power of what he recommends.

I know it sounds very Zen but cluttering up your life and your business makes it harder to get that laser focus necessary to be successful; after all, why make things harder than they are.

Here is what you need to de-clutter…

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Why You Should Not Buy Butterfly Marketing PLR Source Code – Really!

I’ve been getting a number of questions about the free Butterfly Marketing PLR Source Code release Mike Filsaime is currently doing, see

Below are the reasons you would NOT want to get this.

To quickly refresh your memory, the Butterfly Marketing software is one that lots of very successful marketers, including Mike Filsaime, have used it to manage their product sales process and memberships.

Normally, it came with the $2,000 Butterfly Marketing course and you didn’t get PLR rights to it, Mike is now giving the source code with PLR rights to you for free.

Here is why you should NOT get it

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The Amazing New 1 Shopping Cart Upsell Express

Truthfully, I’m not a huge fan of 1ShoppingCart but I continue to use it as sort of the lesser of the evils and I’ve tried most of them.

Well, I just found out they’re adding something that is an amazing leap in functionality for them and gives them a big advantage over competing vendors, at least as far as I know.

They actually worked with some Internet Marketers and other online business experts to design and develop this new fantastic new addition to their product.

Their goals were to:

  • Increase your revenue by letting you capture more sales from each customer by increasing the order size of each order.
  • Be able to immediately market to new customers.
  • Have a return on investment (ROI) so high that their customers would flock to it.
  • Make it work for all of their customer no matter what they sell.

What they came up with is called Upsell Express and from what I can tell it is a great first attempt and will be a very valuable addition to their service. So much so that if I wasn’t a 1ShoppingCart customer I’d strongly consider becoming one.

Before I explain further, here is a short video showing some of the benefits and features.

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It’s Official, Google’s PageRank is “Dead”!

Man, those last 2 blog posts on the FTC stuff generated interest; comments and e-mail galore. But that’s over, been there, done that.

You’ve probably heard of Google’s PageRank; well duh!

In my opinion, it hasn’t been important for a long time — I’ve found it distracting at best but now it’s mostly so 2005 – but many people swear by it and make one of their main goals to get a high PageRank.

I lost faith in it when I kept seeing pages with low PageRank on the first page of Google.

I mean who cares what your PageRank is if you aren’t ranking high on the search results for your keywords.

For some reason though, PageRank continues to be associated with high rankings and I just didn’t see it but if people wanted to waste their time achieving it that just made it easier for me to get a high ranking (which I do care about).

Well, that’s all over with.

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Don’t Fall for the Scare Tactics Brought On By the New FTC Guidelines

I didn’t plan on going into this anymore after my last blog post until there were new things to say but I continue to see a lot of hype that I think needs to be balanced out.

Personally, I don’t think there needs to be so much concern about this and here’s why.

I did some further research, I read other opinions, I read the FTC example scenarios, I read lawyers opinions and I don’t see why people are so freaked out about this.

Is it serious? Yes.

Is it something you need to be concerned about? Sure.

Is it an opportunity? Absolutely

Before I go further into why, I want to remind you that I’m not a lawyer and I don’t know anything about anything! You should check with yours to see how this impacts you, but here is my layman’s view…
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Are the New FTC Rules the Death of Internet Marketing?

A couple of months ago I wrote a couple of blogs post about the FTC investigations that could have implications on Internet Marketers; see You May Be at Risk, Don’t Let the FTC Shut You Down, Part 1 and You May Also Be at Risk for This, Don’t Let the FTC Shut You Down, Part 2.

I promised to follow up when there was more information.

On October 5, 2009, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approved finals revisions to some guidelines that will have an impact on Internet, and other, marketers; guidelines that haven’t changed since 1980 – almost 30 years ago!

The changes can have a SERIOUS affect on marketers who use testimonials; at least those who use specific types of testimonials, a well as those who get/do reviews and endorsements; with hefty fines involved.
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The Latest on Google and Facebook

Today, I’ve got a few small but important things about Google and Facebook I thought you’d want to know about.

You know that I like to let you know about ways to keep yourself and your online businesses safe and that I like to tell you about things I find out before “the masses” know about them.

So, this time I’m going to share a potentially serious and damaging security issue with Facebook apps, a very new test Google has doing that will impact your Web sites and a new service that Google is starting to share with the public.

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