Facebook Payments Reporting API is Here!

Facebook has come out with yet another API and we’re (yet again) the better for it.

The newest API is called the Payments Reporting API and it’s available immediately.

What it does is let you access daily transactional data which is a great improvement over the old way of receiving the data via e-mail not the best way of getting important information.

This is why Facebook says this way is better for these reasons:

  • Reliability. The payments reporting API is more reliable and has built-in checks to make sure you receive all the data.
  • Security. The payments reporting API can be downloaded securely via https using an OAuth-secured HTTP interface.
  • Flexibility. Our new report is formatted as a structured csv file, instead of the former flat tsv file. With this format, your integration of the data will continue to work regardless of what fields we may add in the future. Additionally, the API simplifies your work flow. Multiple people in your company can download the report, instead of only one person receiving the data via email.

Understand, you should start using it as soon as possible because Facebook will shut off the e-mailing of the data in early November so the sooner you start switching over to using the API.

You can access, or direct your programmer to, the API documentation by going to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/credits/developer_reports_api/

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