Google Analytics, What the Numbers Mean and How You Can Profit From Them

Understanding Google Analytics Metrics
Understanding Google Analytics Metrics
Measuring, tracking, reacting and testing are key critical aspects of having true success; this is true of everything and is the basis for all learning even though it may be subconscious and Google Analytics provides a tool to help you do that with your Web pages.

You see, your audience tells you what they want by what pages they go to, what they do on those pages, how long they stay, etc. – these are indicators about how they feel about your Web properties and how well it meets their needs.

A technical term for the analytics data that helps answer those type of questions is “surrogate” which in this context is something that can be measured that results in data which leads to the formation of arguments and conclusions.

Below we will provide a quick look at some of the data that Google Analytics provides but first I want you to be careful not to misinterpret the data, let me show you what I mean by that…

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A Winning Autoresponder Sequence

The importance of list building is legend but after you’ve convinced someone to subscribe to your list, then what?

You want to build a relationship with your subscribers and engage them so they will remain a subscriber and come to know, like and trust you.

Sounds good but it also sounds like a lot of work.

Well, it can be a LOT of work unless you use the right tools and that’s where an e-mail management and autoresponder service like Aweber or GetResponse comes in.

You see, these services let you put in a sequence of e-mails ahead of time and then the service send them out not only in the proper sequence but at the proper time you decide upon.

It does this with what’s called and “autoresponder sequence.” These are pre-created e-mails where you tell the service when to send the e-mail — this next thing is important here — in relationship to when the person subscribed.

I go into that a little more down below but wanted you to understand the basic concept of the service.

But, even with a service like Aweber, the question is, what do you say in the autoresponder sequence to build that relationship and engage your subscribers so they can know, like and trust you?

That is very most important question and what we’re going to look at…

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Get Free Banners

Because of the great feedback I’ve been getting from the e-mail tips and resources I’ve been sending, I’ve decided to out some tips up here about once a week.

To start it off I have a resource where you can create your own banners for free (well, they do ask for your name and e-mail address).

Usually when you get something for free there are restrictions but you’d be hard pressed to find any real restrictions here, there are some, but most people won’t care and if you care you probably are making enough money to pay someone to make a custom banner for you 🙂

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Free Resource to Help Automate and Manage Your Business Tasks

If This Then ThatNot long ago one of the people I really respect, master copywriter Michel Fortin, told me about a free resource he uses to help automate certain tasks (even automate reminders) and I’ve fallen in love with it.

It’s called If-This-Then-That and the concept is very simple, if some event happens then do something.

So there is a trigger event — the THIS portion — and a action event — the THAT portion.

If you’re still having trouble with why this is so good let me give you some examples…

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The Road to Success is Not Cluttered

Stressed Businessman - Get Organized
Is This What Your Business Is Like?

Ryan Lee created a blog post titled “Your Online Business “Spring Cleaning” Checklist” where he gave 7 different things you should clean up in your business.

I liked it so much that I thought I’d share it with you along with some of my own comments.

Ryan says he is “slightly obsessed with finding out how to make everything in life more simple.”

I agree with Ryan completely, I’ve also been obsessed with simplifying and optimizing my entire life and understand the importance and power of what he recommends.

I know it sounds very Zen but cluttering up your life and your business makes it harder to get that laser focus necessary to be successful; after all, why make things harder than they are.

Here is what you need to de-clutter…

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Finding the Actual Size of Web Page Images

This was a frustrating little thing and took me longer than it should so I thought I’d share it with you so if you or your coder/programmer had to do the same thing you wouldn’t waste the time and effort that I did.

I needed to get the original size of some images on a Web page but I didn’t have control over the page so couldn’t guarantee that all images were the actual size.

To get the height and width displayed, potentially scaled, sizes of images use this code:

var imageHeight = document.getElementById("ImageName").height;
var imageWidth = document.getElementById("ImageName").width;

But, if you need to guarantee that you get the actual image height and width then the above code won’t work.

After a bunch of messing around I created this function that worked, at least in all the cases I tried (do you own testing):

function dahGetActualImageSizes(imageID)
  var heightAndWidth = null;
  var imageToCheck   = document.getElementById(imageID);
  var newImage;

  if ((null != imageToCheck) &&
      (null != imageToCheck.height) &&
      (null != imageToCheck.width))
    while (! imageToCheck.complete)

    if (typeof imageToCheck.naturalWidth == "undefined")
      newImage = new Image();
      newImage.src = imageToCheck.src;

      while (! newImage.complete)

      heightAndWidth = [ newImage.width,
                         newImage.height ];
      heightAndWidth = [ newImage.width,
                         newImage.height ];
  return (heightAndWidth);

This should save you some time if you need to get this information.

Please note that if you could all use a load event instead of the loop but I didn’t because it appears that the loop is very fast (instantaneous) even on large images, I assume that it’s because the Web browser has already cached it and doesn’t have to download it; but this method is more “old school” although it works on the 5 Web browsers I tried it on.

Click here to download a file with the above code in it.

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Timelines for Facebook Pages Will Ruin Your Business… Not!

Facebook Timeline
Facebook Timeline

Facebook is making a major change to their default landing page starting on March 30, 2012 and the online business community is flooded with commentary about how this will ruin online businesses that have been relying on Facebook.

That is just plain ridiculous.

Of course, there are also floods of marketers rushing out new products to market to all these scared businesses.

That is equally ridiculous and dangerous for you.

While it’s still very early and nobody truly understands what will be happening and what impact it may have, we can look at what we know and make some educated guesses on the advantages and disadvantages of what Facebook has told us so far.

I’ve also created a free 32-page report, Timelines for Facebook Pages Will Ruin Your Business… Not!, which you can download below, on what these changes are, what is causing concerns, what is bringing delight and what you need to do to use Facebook to their best advantage; at least as far as I can tell now, look for an update in the future.

Because of that, this blog post will just touch on the basics; you’ll get extra depth in the report.

In addition, I’m going to tell you why I think it doesn’t matter one way or the other.

So, let’s get started…

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WOW and Delight Your Affiliates with Powerful Promotional Material

Basic Affiliate Tools
Basic Affiliate Tools

One question that everyone always has is “how do I attract affiliates and get them to promote my products for me?

If you have products then traffic from affiliates is some of the best traffic you can get.

As you’ve probably found out, it’s not easy getting good affiliates to promote for you because affiliates are all about making as much money as quickly and easily as possible.

Affiliates are busy, have lots of choices and, let me be honest with you, they are lazy; they don’t want to do a lot of work; this attitude, while understandable, makes them very picky.

What does that mean to you though?

It means a lot of things but one thing it means is that you need to do more work.

There are a lot of things you need to do but one of the best is to provide them with tools.

Let’s look at what those tools are

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To Get Business Success You Need to Do This

Plan! Don't Leave Things to Chance.
Plan! Don't Leave Things to Chance.

Go to the Warrior Forum or other marketing forum and you’ll see it.

Go to Facebook or Twitter and you’ll see it.

Heck, look at your hard disk and you’ll see it.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner you know what I’m talking about, it’s been the bane of most of us (believe me, including myself).

It wastes your hard-earned money, it’s distracts your focus, and, worst of all, it wastes the most precious resource, your time.

I’m talking about the non-stop buying of products.

There’s always the “Good Reason” but I’ll say it again, there is no one product or service that will make or break you.

But you can stop and you can start making proper, strategic investments that will help you in your business without distract you or suck up all your money.

Let look at how to do that…

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Ignore Strategic Thinking at Your Peril

Don't Ignore Strategic Thinking
Don't Ignore Strategic Thinking

You may not have heard of strategic thinking or maybe you’ve heard of it but didn’t understand it so ignored it.

If you’re looking to build a successful business, online or offline, the chances of real success, more quickly are greatly increased with strategic thinking.

Well over 2,000 years ago, Sun Tzu, a Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher, lived and wrote his masterpiece on strategy The Art of War.

While it was specifically about strategy in war, it is very applicable to modern day business as evidenced by the over 1 million copies that have been sold; I’d bet that most of those by business owners or other business people. In it he explained about maintaining a position of advantage your rivals.

Generally, there’s a lack of understanding of what strategic thinking is and this, of course, leads to confusion.

Below we’ll look at what strategic thinking is, why you’d want to do it and how to do it.

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