Value Propositions are the Key to Success

Building Your Value Proposition
Building Your Value Proposition

Marketing is really nothing more than communicating the value of you, your products and services, and your company to your prospects in the most effective (and efficient) way you can so that they will take the action you want them to take.

Usually there is a series, maybe a long series, of actions you need your prospect to take to get to how you are defining “success”.

Each of those actions requires your prospects to (consciously or subconsciously) decide whether or not to take the action and each decision (and hence each action) requires you to provide them with a reason to continue, this reason is a value proposition (“do this and you’ll get that.”)

There are 4 levels and questions you need to answer to define your value propositions and each are more specific to a particular situation than the last; these are levels of the value proposition, let’s look at each in turn…

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3 C’s – The One a Day Formula to Success

Three C's
A Formula for Success

If you are any type of marketer then you need to be creating marketing campaigns. In fact, basically all you are is campaign creators and implementers.

No matter what your situation is, all campaigns should focus on one, and only one, of the 3 C’s and every day you need to do something, anything, that is directed to one of the C’s.

The important parts of the above paragraph is to focus on ONLY ONE C and to make this part of your every day process.

I emphasize this because it’s easy to feel like you want all the C’s.

And, focusing on one C will ultimately help get more of the other 2 C’s, but any campaign will be more much more successful than if you try to get more of 2 or 3 of them.

The reason for this is the goals you have, strategies you use, the techniques you implement and, in fact, the specific tasks you perform are generally different for each one and sometimes they are even at odds with one another.

By that I mean that sometimes the things you do that gets you more of one C will get you less of another (at least in the short term).

So, find the single most important, immediate objective of a campaign and focus all your efforts towards it.

I bet you’re wondering what the 3 C’s are…

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